Everyone knows what a bumper sticker is, an adhesive cut-out with a message of some type to be applied to the bumper of a moving vehicle, usually an automobile. The intent of sticker printing is to attract the attention of passengers in other vehicles to advertise an idea, business, position, or place, to name a few reasons. However, today bumper stickers are used on any number of other objects. die cut stickers

Bumper sticker printing is usually done on vinyl in order for the sticker to be durable and withstand environmental pressures while sticking to that bumper. Stickers may be humorous, religious, show sports loyalty, advertise businesses, or just express personal views. A sticker may support or oppose a particular position which is recognized on the sticker. One of the most popular uses for stickers on automobiles is showing support for particular political candidates during election times, especially during presidential elections.

There can be many uses for bumper sticker printing other than those listed above. One is to identify cars as belonging in certain ownership groups or as belonging to employees of certain organizations, allowing parking and the use of the facilities of the group. Others are used to identify students at universities and providing designated parking areas for each student in order to control traffic and other parking issues.

Stickers are also used to advertise places to which you might drive like beaches, restaurants, resorts, amusement parks, summer camps, and more. They may also be used for public service announcements or public service campaigns. There is no limit to the number of things that can be printed on a sticker.

Due to their popularity and durability, bumper stickers are often placed on things other than automobile bumpers such as helmets, equipment, school supplies, computers, and more. As well as expressing their likes and dislikes through stickers, individuals are able to personalize common objects to make them their own. There are literally unlimited ways in which stickers can be used today.